Friday, August 08, 2008


Assembler is the lowest level of computer programming that is generally considered plausible to work with. It is barely a step over working directly with 1's and 0's.

To write assembler programs you are literally giving your computer of microprocessor direct instructions like store, read, add, divide, etc...

The bright side is most processors have very few instructions, usually in the range between 12 an 50 so you have only 12 to 50 instructions to remember total.

Cool huh?

The hard part is "assembling" (get it?) these instructions into the correct order to get the machine to do work. This is insanely difficult. Far harder, in fact, than it sounds as I have discovered.

T his has led me to the conclusion: "Assembler is the easiest program language ever. Assembler is the hardest program language ever!!!!"

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