Sunday, February 17, 2008

No Ranty.... Sorta...

I was on cruise control yesterday while I was buzzing down the ol' "superhighway" and checking out my daily regiment of geek news, technology, funny stuff and finally, the latest and most sensationalized, I mean greatest, in "news" (Suck it printed media!) when I ran over this not-so-little article.

The article itself was a rather interesting read and highlighted some very interesting things.

My beef, however, is not with the article or Apple, but instead with the utter retards that are inexplicably labeled as "analysts" or "experts" who keep speculating what Apple will spend all that money on.

First, and foremost, they don't HAVE to spend it! It's their money! If they just want to sit on that huge wad of cash until they decide to use it, fine. That's their choice and frankly if more corporations decided to try this instead of foolishly blowing every penny they make or just dumping it into their CEO's pocket then perhaps the economy wouldn't be such a fragile thing!

I'm just so damn sick of seeing headlines to some effect of: Oops! One hard year or one flopped product from Generic Products inc and they go belly up/are bought out!

So first off, screw you all those that say Apple NEEDS to spend that money. They don't.

Second, these utterly and flat out STUPID suggestions to what Apple may have planned.

Such as "It’s conceivable that Apple could use cash to buy its way into a new niche, like social networking or online collaboration."

Are you f-cking retarded?!?!

Apple would NEVER do anything so guaranteed for long term failure! Like it or not social networking places such as Facebook or whatever rely on AD REVENUE to operate and profit.

Worse yet, they are a PASSING FAD! Apple has never and (hopefully) WOULD NEVER stoop so low. The company has more CLASS than to do that.

Think about it, there are ads ALL OVER every major technology company's site! Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, you NAME it, it has ADS in AD FORM!

All except for Apple. I can't even imagine Apple doing something that is so tasteless as slapping ads on their web site let alone owning something so utterly tasteless. Yes Apple promotes their other products on their pages... but not every single one and not in "banner ad" form! they use subtle little chunks that are about ONE LINE of text tactfully placed on the page for RELEVANT products.

So Mr. Article writer and analyst. Your prediction(s) are made of FAIL.

Yes, all companies are after profit and they are all, to at least some degree, evil. This includes Apple.

However, even in this endless pursuit of profits, Apple has held on to something that all consumers love. A little something called style, ground breaking design, simplicity and finally, excellent taste.

Go ahead, call me a superficial person who cares only about a products beauty, design and elegance in hardware and software.


I'm a very picky person when it comes to the look and feel of something I spend my money on! I know it doesn't REALLY make or break a purchase for most people and honestly it's often the same for me. I more often than not choose function and/or affordable over form. You pay extra for form and often loose gobs of function, that's the cold hard truth presented to us by most corporations.

So, just like everyone else, I want a powerful computer or full featured device, but I also want something the FEELS good to use and LOOKS beautiful and is EASY to use yet is still very powerful and functional... Apple provides ALL of this and is one of the exceedingly FEW companies that do provide all of this at a fairly reasonable price!

Personally, I am willing to pay $50-$300 more, depending on the product, for something that just WORKS BETTER than everything else!

I challenge ANY of you out there to find ANYTHING like what Apple offers that provides even CLOSE to the same level of design, engineering and ease of use on both the hardware AND the software level yet costs the SAME or LESS than Apple's products.

Here's a hint: You CAN'T, I've TRIED.

So, despite the price being what so many people bitch about, for the raw level of design and thought ALONE that goes into every single one of Apple's products, they're CHEAP.

Long live excellent design! Long live style in this increasingly generic and sanitized society! Long live Apple!

They still have my dollars even if I don't have many.

P.S. - I support any company that has a similar approach as Apple... Like Nintendo or Nissan

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