Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well would you lookie that....

First off, Happy New Year everyone!!

This year I resolve to make a resolution I can keep! So I'm not making one!

Seriously though I'm shooting for being more active and even starting a casual work out regime including walking, running, and free weights. The goal is not to lose weight but to increase strength and endurance.

As for the irregularity of my posting (or total lack of) I've been busy and blogging has fallen pretty far down on my list of priorities because, well, it's a blog!! It's not all that important in the long run!

Right now, I've been working on finding another job mostly, and due to that, I will most likely be moving shortly so all sorts of fun happy stuff going on there. With all due luck, I have a couple of very good friends downstate who might be getting either a new neighbor or at least one more pest in their area ^_^

It's also been kinda weird outside... it's been in the 50's and 60's all week. While this would normally be considered extremely nice weather, there is only one TINY problem with it. Being of course, as I see it, is that is JANUARY in the North Country!!!! We're normally under about 2 feet of snow and temperatures hovering around 10 degrees F right now!

"But there's no such thing as global warming!" BULL! I can not recall a January this warm, ever, and neither can my grandparents. This is ridiculous, my allergies have even been acting up do to all the moisture causing mold to have a field day.

Am I complaining? YES! Not really loudly, for I am enjoying the pleasant weather, but I am probably the only nut case on this god-overtaken dirt ball that is complaining about the weather in this area as of late! ^_^

No matter, I've been taking advantage of my free time by trying to play catch-up on a number of things i have been procrastinating on for far too long. including, but not limited to a video editing project, my chainmail (I FINALLY found another tool to cut rings with after I broke my last one!), cleaning, organizing, writing, drawing, the works....

All in all, life's just been...... what's the word I'm looking for.... interesting.

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