Monday, January 22, 2007

McTransfat America

Someone needs to be ripped a new one for this Article &
Obesity Site and you can google more easily.

In short, from TFA, the government is now classifying obesity as a disease and is now devoting millions of taxpayer dollars to 'fighting fat'. From the site, they flatly state that “Obesity is not a simple condition of eating too much. It is now recognized that obesity is a serious, chronic disease.”



First thing is first.

I am going to state a fact.

A single, simple, clear and complete FACT.

Obesity is NOT, and CANNOT BE a disease. End of story. Period. Finished. Done.

This is also where my political correctness, as sparse as it is to begin with, is going bye-bye. You have been warned.

The primary reasons for me stating so flatly that getting/being FAT (OMFG! j0 sed teh 'f' werd! OH NOES!!1) is not, in any way, a disease are numerous.

First and foremost, fat is not contagious in any way! It's NOT caused by a type of bacteria or virii! Now, the second I walk by someone wide enough to feed Africa and I suddenly find myself unable to stop stuffing Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese and extra trans fats in my face, I'll reconsider that statement.

Second, how much you eat is a CHOICE, conscious or otherwise. You make a decision wether or not to have that fifth helping of deep fried lard nuggets.

If you're a habit eater (like me) and munch while you're doing specific actions, it's a choice. If you're a comfort eater and you eat when you're sad, lonely, tired, etc... It's still a choice. It's ALWAYS a choice.

Third and final for this post, though far from the last, fat is not directly lethal.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that millions die yearly from being grossly overweight and simply being obese causes numerous health issues. There is one problem with the argument that fat is lethal.

Getting overweight is a NATURAL BODY FUNCTION to store excessive energy that has been taken into the body.

The negative health effects are ALSO natural. Too much energy has the ability to severely damage the body. Just like too much salt, iron, vitamins, or even water. Yet when someone takes in too much, or too little, of these other needed minerals/vitamins/etc. these "experts" don't call it a disease. It's called poor nutrition which leads to the excess or deficiency.

The same for FAT, it is caused by poor nutrition and/or a poor diet. Not a bacteria or virus.

Now that I've hit my major points, I'm now going to do something rare and not only stay on topic, but tie up a few loose ends related to fatness.

To keep going, I'm sure some of you are thinking "the moron never covered eating disorders!"

Well, that's what I'm going to do now.

The two major eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, are, arguably, also not diseases. They may be caused by any number of factors. Such as poor self image, depression, peer pressure or even personality disorders.

There are arguments of eating disorders being caused by a chemical imbalance(s) in the brain.

If this is true, anorexia and bulimia are still more of a mental disorder than a true disease.

For the most part, eating disorders are still a choice, a possibly habitual, or even addicting choice, but a choice none the less.

To wrap this up, obesity is no more a disease than the sky is a banana. They are two completly different things.

The only reason that I can possibly think of for making this claim is an extension of the 'blameless society'.

These people's poor choices got them to their scale busting proportions, now they want someone or something to blame BESIDES THEMSELVES, which are the real cause of course.

The government calling fat a "disease" will now allow all these overweight people to cry "I'm a victim!" as they shovel another bucket of fried chicken into their face while they rake in the money from the government and lawsuits lodged against numerous corporations for 'allowing poor helpless people to become so overweight'.


To be clear and fair, I have absolutely no problem with overweight people, being that I am one of them, as well as 90% of America.

However, when they start WHINING and BITCHING, all bets are off and they need to have their skulls raped with lead.

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princessamoura said...

You my dear have to real idea what it's like to be fat in today's society. First because GUYS can be fatter than women with out getting the stares and degrading comments. It's socially pushed for women to be thin. Now on the topic of obesity. it may not be a disease but it isn't something that is always easily controled as one may think. Just like when you are cold you grab a blank, some when they are depressed grab a donut. It's instinct, built in, not so easily over come. Some give in to their urges more than others, but its still an issue. Then lets not mention all the brain malfunctions that can lead to being overweight, like when your brain doesn't tell you when the tummy is full...some are like that. Next time your are cold and your are seeking something warm think about the person who runs to food when they are sad, or angry.

As for anorexia it's much in the same, it's not a disease so much in the sense of what we have been ingrained to called to call diseases. Instead it's something that once the mind has the seed placed, it grows and consumes the person. I know from personal experiance of watching a friend go through it. It took her a week and I lost her, she was gone to the world of anorexia and I haven't talked to her since. It consumed her to the point of changing her.

Do you consider lunatics diseased? Or manic depressions a disease?