Thursday, November 02, 2006

What The Ef??


Whew! Ok, I'm done.





No I'm not...
WAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOLZ!!!!!!!11oneeleven

*wipes tear away*

Woo! DAMN that was funny! I should go shopping more often!

I cannot imagine why they thought this was a good idea, even up in the conservative rich area, I cannot imagine this selling more than a few copies to over-the-top fanatical Christians.

I honestly tried and I'm having a VERY hard time thinking of a more BORING game.....

Oh, never mind... *shudder* (Still the most god awful game ever, and this is coming from a Trekkie)


The point is.... there is no point. I could see this being marketed toward younger kids on a computer as "Edutainment" but on a GAMEBOY?!? Why?!

You can NOT tell me there was an outcry of demand for this game! (If you do, bet your sweet bippies I'm gonna ask you to prove it)

I'm sorry, but I was raised Christian and I find the mear THOUGHT of this game laughable. I couldn't begin to imagine that anyone would want to play it.

I know that part of being Christian is to spread The Word. Fine. If that that is the point, pull this game off the shelves and everyone needs to STFU.

Now don't flame me right off, I have a reason for saying this and it's NOT anti-anything.

The Word is spread my friends. Just STOP. Find me ONE person on this entire country, scratch that, this entire human riddled dirt ball who has NOT heard of Christianity by now and I won't say another word about it again.

I'm tired of anyone trying to cram ANY religion down another's throat.

Am I cynical for thinking this way? Negative? Pessimistic? Hardened? Bitter? Calloused? Cold?

Yeah, probably.

I'm still tired of it though.

P.S.- Sorry about the poor quality picture, bad lighting, bad reflection, bad cellphone camera. It's the best I could do.


Jason said...

OHH GOD NO!! :-( That is scarrier than 1000 gouls! :)

Wii all live in a yellow submarine!


MrMacman2u said...

LOL!! I see you've found my waste of txt on the net! Great, now that you're commenting here I'll have to get off my butt and comment in yours too! ;-)