Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ok, NOW I'm pissed!!! I have a long lunch break and I have recently been typing out posts and ideas into my Palm via an utterly CRAPTASTIC "professional" program known as Documents to Go (AKA. shred/lose/overwrite/not save/delete randomly)

I've given this program many, MANY, MANY more chances than it DESERVES.

"Why?" you ask? Why keep fighting with it if it is the cause of so many frustrations?

Because it's all I F**KING have!

For just wanting something to pound out these stupid little posts and read news articles and such on the PDA, the software on the Palm itself is actually very good! But the brain-dead wastes of flesh who designed the desktop synchronization software for the Mac need to be dragged 50 miles by a horse, by the BALLS!!!

I want it to work SO bad because it suites my needs without having to drag around a freaking laptop. A small, lightweight PDA with a good word processor that syncs saved files to my desktop easily.... is that last part TO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Today, for the roughly fifteenth time, I lost 2 WHOLE POSTS (aka 3 DAYS) worth of work.....

I want so badly wanted to break SOMETHING!!!! ANYTHING!!!!!! *grrrrrrrrrrr*

To wrap up, you can send a thank you to THESE asshats for the lack of a real post today and Friday because right now I really 1.) don't want to re-type them 2.) Don't remember what the heck one was about.

Kiss my fat hairy ass Dataviz!!!!


Anonymous said...

hehehe you said *balls* ;)

MrMacman2u said...

Why yes, yes I did :-)

princessamoura said...

Why would it post me anonymous when I am signed in every time I post? I'm the one who commented on your spam too...

princessamoura said...

Check this out!

YOu need to play the video on the right hand side of the page :) IT's funny as hell.