Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fatigue.... Bad!/Good!

I shouldn't think about forming a reply to ANYTHING when I'm tired and sick and cannot sleep. I was given one of those lil' "friend survey" thingies that circulate around email and blogs and the such. I was answering with one/two word answers until I got to this one particular question. I took my answer and just RAN with it....

15. RED OR PINK? Now that's not really a fair question to impose upon someone. The whole debate on Red vs. Pink (aka. Dark Pink vs. Light Red) is something that cannot be summed up in but a single word answer! Both of these highly dynamic and creativity inducing colors have a vast quantity of advantages and disadvantages to being chosen as an answer for this all important inquiry! I say it is not fair in forcing one to choose between either of these indispensable tones of reflective or emitted light and instead focus on acceptance of ALL colors of the visible light spectrum! Reflected or emitted! Reflected or Diffused! All colors are equally important in order to create the beauty that makes this world special! I say nay to answering such a question and instead offer open arms to ALL colors as equals!

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