Friday, February 02, 2007

Alright, ok...

Hell has officially frozen over and Satan's playing hockey against some Canadians, Bush got a brain, Republicans learned the definition of "human rights" and Microsoft realized what quality control means.

I know that everything there must seem HIGHLY unlikely, but it has to be true because, it's now official, I like a Tom Petty song.

Specifically, the one called 'Saving Grace'.

The real irony is that I've never been able to stand him as a vocalist before. To the point where I outright refused to listen to anything by him, even at the insistence of my best friend. The same friend who I am ever thankful to for getting me extremely hooked on Oasis due to him listening to it constantly whenever I visited.

Now... Well, now I think that I am going to need to re-evaluate Tom Petty.

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