Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gainfully Employed... Again!

First entry in a while, but I'm writing to inform those who might read this and/or care that after being unemployed for some time (or working independently for a dynamic client base if you go by my resume), I finally got a new job!

After a phone interview, a nearly two hour 1st interview and a grueling three hour 2nd interview, I have a new appreciation for the phrase "Welcome Aboard!"...

There is some (2 months) training and certifications I need to get and It's not too much more than a glorified screwdriver monkey position, but that's what I love doing :) I'm actually looking forward to the challenges and learning the changes in how I am used to providing on site service in the past.

The only potential downside could be that what I will be working on will be restricted to printers, but who says I can't stay a computer tech on my own time? Heck, the vice-CEO encouraged me to so long as the job was my first priority!

So, I suspect that this could be a very ideal job for me and from what has been described to me about actual work I'm actually excited about the position!

I'll post some more updates as I get further settled into the groove...

Here's to fun times ahead! Cheers!

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