Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scam of the Moment Alert

Wow... Just WOW.....

Computer and internet based scams and rip-off are attacking a new class of people and this time it could be more of a threat than ever before to the already straining wallets of "average Joe/Jane".

Into the picture comes "".

Now the site in and itself is nothing special, typical "download a trial that reports hundreds and hundreds of false positives and forces you to buy it in order to 'clean' your system" scam. Nothing out of the ordinary in regard to typical scareware schemes that try and trick you into spending money to "fix" your system. Whether or not there actually is anything wrong with it in the first place. Of course I tried they crapware that was being hawked and it found THOUSANDS of "errors" in a mint system, freshly installed and custom tuned by me. Upon reviewing the logs, it was mostly fluff and false reports.

I digress however, this write up is NOT about crap software. Instead it's about HOW this junk is being hawked to the unwashed masses.

What is disturbing to me is that I heard this garbage being pumped out over my local RADIO station!

Oh man... this is something incredibly ugly because this is another conduit that will primarily target the most BLISSFULLY ignorant of users.

Hearing your computer might be "infected" on in the context of the radio either at work or on the road, will aid in planting the seeds of concern into the the minds of people like grandparents and the most gullible of those who click on ads, fall for phishing scams, open email attachments, download viruses and more...

I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed if the software that was being pushed actually WORKED.

This new path of hawking garbage on a "reputable" source such as the radio is surely going to rope many, MANY more suckers into parting with a fairly large chunk of $ for absolutely nothing in return.

I wish there was a way to inform people of such scams.

I suppose that's the price for using Windows.

Want a cheaper way to a safer, faster computer? It's free and not that hard, honest: Go and get Ubuntu and try it out!

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