Friday, June 12, 2009

A 7 Month Gap...

Well, I'm bringing a huge gap in my posting habits here. Granted the frequency of my attention to my little Internet based soapbox has always been sporadic at best, but this was something more.

I guess you could call it a disenchantment of sorts.

While I really do enjoy ranting and posting here, to just let out my true thoughts and opinions on an ever increasingly sanitised and insane world. Whether or not they are actually READ by anyone was and is a moot point. What wasn't a moot point was the sheer amount of time that it takes to get a good topic, piece together an opinion and/or solution and then actually WRITE about it.

Despite being unemployed, I'm busy, in fact I'm surprisingly busy.

To a point that I was more "idle" and found more time to do less important things that I enjoy, that encourage my creativity and artistic sides to stay agile and fresh, when I was employed and was siphoning off 9+ hours of my life everyday for 'X' dollars an hour.

Can this be chalked up to poor time management because I no longer have to structure my day around a job? Perhaps.

The fact remains that for a rather long while, I no longer enjoyed taking the time to write for this blog.

I'm not sure I will get over this feeling any time soon either. So, what now? Frankly, I REALLY don't wish to "abandon" a project that I've poured many dozens of hours working on and is all but a journal of sorts of one side of my written creativity and thoughts.

The answer might be simpler than I expected and was given to me by my good friend Jason.

Twitter. Micro Blogging.

I initially had dismissed Twitter as another pointless internet social networking fad that was going to pop up, get stupid popular overnight and then vaporize like Yahoo's 360 or Palm. So, when Jason informed me that he had not only signed up for a Twitter account but was actually USING it, I was gobstruck and harranged him about it.

I strongly believe now that I was wrong.

I made a deal with myself that I would use Twitter for at least a week and at the end of that week, if the mere thought of making another tweet made me want to puke my legs, I'd let it go.

It's been about a week and I'm enjoying it despite all expectations.

Why? I think it's because it is a very "concentrated" source of "frivolous" information that lets me follow as much or as little of the lives of people I know.

Yes there is a fair amount of poinlessness that many people, myself included, enjoy writing about but it's still a great way to keep up with friends and family (assuming I can get them to even consider using it...)

So, I think I'm certain I will NOT abandon this blog, but I'm going to continue to use it for what I always have. Longer, more thought provoking thoughts and rants of the multi-paragraph style. While I will continue to use Twitter for what it does best, short thoughts, events and opinions in a compact easy to digest format.

I'll embed a "Twitter Feed" on this page in the near future.

Tune in shortly for a bit of my old irritation about the H1N1 flu virus... It's gonna be a blast!

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