Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holy Mother of all Screen Upgrades!!

Well, here I am, and to make a long story really short, I have been looking to upgrade I finally upgraded from a dinky little 17" LCD VGA panel to something... bigger.

Ohhhhh did I go bigger....

I was wandering around OfficeMax during their 2 Day after thanksgiving "super sales" that happen every year. Due to the weak economy and such, most stores dragged things out for two days offering the best deals and sales on "Black Friday" and slightly less outstanding, but still excellent, deals on Saturday.

I was out Saturday when I spotted, what I could pretty much describe as an outstanding deal.

I found a Soyo 24" LCD monitor with a 1920x1200 resolution for the same price I was considering buying a 20" for!

I so scooped it up... This thing is huuuuuuge!!!

I would write more, BUT I'm off to play with my BIG new monitor!!

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