Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bill of Lights

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I know there are an ever increasing number of LED's and other lights popping up on an ever increasing number of products *cough*HP LAPTOPS*cough* but there are also an EQUAL number of products out there with very few or even NO lights of any kind, such as many Apple products.

Of course, there are also every combination of lighting options in between.

I, however, do not think "We the people" truly and for honestly care very much either way.

Though on some subconscious level, LED encrusted products that can be seen from space seem to induce an automatic "wooooow.." and all the subsequent drooling and twitching of fingers toward the wallet that causes fad products to sell well before word gets out how bad they suck.

On a personal note, I LOVE shiney things. LED lit or just plain beautifully designed, both are "shiny" in my eyes and I will admit to salavating. Though it only very rarely influences my purchasing decisions. I am too broke to just go "SHINY!" *SPEND!*

I am going to place the way I feel about those complaining of too many bright LEDs in the form of a question.

What is better than one LED bright enough to light up a whole room?

50 of them! That BLINK!!!

The more status information in the form of bright blinky things you can throw at me the better. I like bright things people! Yes, not everyone does and if not choose a different product! You have CHOICE in todays flooded market.

However, If you get the option to have my products light up like fireworks taken away from me, I'm gonna find you and brighten your day up with 360 volts of 3-phase! Nothing brings me closer to nirvana than when I walk into a server room and there are hundreds of thousands of brightly glowing and blinking LEDs of all colors. Turn off the main lights if you want to make me happier! All that whirring and blinking and brightness in the still of darkness....... all indicating that there is mammoth processing power residing there.... mmmmmm.....

Now THAT'S some fine shiny!!

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urg said...

Hey Tom. No matter how many lights or shiny things you add to a crapintosh, a crapintosh is still a crapintosh. Just kidding...or am I'm kidding...or maybe I'm not...

Take care man.