Thursday, April 19, 2007


---------------------*Cut Here*--------------------------
Ok, I've received about a handful of complaints about the accuracy of my last post, particularly one section of it.

The section in question is about where I stated that the nutcase had a GF and he found she was cheating, so he plugs them and 30 others before capping himself.

It turns out, as I have been so kindly informed over and over and over by people who do, obviously, care, that he was just a stark-raving lunatic who got all trigger happy because someone else wasn't happy with what he/she had already.

MY BAD! However, I STILL stand by my choice to call it psycho-drama because it WAS!

But guess what?!

C'mon! Guess!

I STILL don't care.

Further complaints or notifications of inaccuracy regarding my previous posting will be graciously received and then subsequently ignored.

End of posts that relate to the VA shooting, PERIOD!

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