Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Post After The Move....

Having previously set forth to carve yet another niche into the internet that I can call my own, I have moved from my previous ruminations to a new, more easily, cared for location that I would be far less likely to neglect.

Therefore, I suppose I should strive to make this first post in my new and pristine Blog as thoughtful and as profound as possible.

Make this an entry that will set forth a strong first step and reflect the level of intellect and well posed questions that promise to tickle the mind that one may peruse at their leisure.

Worry not dearest reader, I plan not only to pose the questions, but along with these inquiries, I hope to also provide my own, insightful, answers that will tease the imagination and tantalize the senses.

I can only hope that the limits of ones language can properly bring about the very essence of all of the good taste, unbiased opinions and wisdom that the author would expect that any visitor might spot here in the not so distant future.




Welcome one and all and prepare to have your minds shattered as I present to you all just how badly I am screwed up!

Hang on to your sanity kiddo's, Kansas is going bye-bye!

Be prepared to not only get a glimpse of my daily (or not so daily) life but also get a gain a few pounds as I rip apart and deep fat fry anything that crosses my path and ticks me off, doesn't tick me off, or I just feel like going on about.

I can be self-contradictory at times, but don't take it too seriously, I try to see both sides of an issue and I sometimes fail.

It doesn't matter anyhow, this is all either my opinion or my life and if you don't like it, fine by me! Go find something else to read.

Or better yet, go do something!

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